Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween and catch up on some overdue photos!!!

I know, I know!!! Sorry its been so long again. I hope these pictures make up for that.

As predicted, Jared chose his Halloween costume this year. He of course insisted that Joel have the same costume. He really enjoys it when his brother wears the same thing as he does, and i'm enjoying it while it lasts. Both Jared and Joel went Trick or Treating this year. It was much fun with Joel because he is walking. He had a ball walking along the sidewalk from house to house. Between them they got more candy than they will ever be able to eat. At least this year Jared understands that it is just this one day that you can randomly knock on doors to collect sweets.

These aren't the best quality pictures, but I managed to snap Jared and Joel playing together and sharing a moment over some wine gums!!

It really didn't take Joel long to figure out that the toilet paper unrolls. Here he is discovering this fun new toy.

"Ah, a job well done!!"

"Look mommy, you puuuullll it like this"

"Please don't be angry mommy."

"Oh yay, you're not angry. Now come over here and feel how soft this stuff is!

You can see the 3 blue marks on his forehead. These were pretty much a permanent fixture for a while. I think it's standard issue when one decides that 91/2 months is a good time to start walking.

Jared is so grown up now.

That's a teething necklace on Joel. Jared has the same one. I love them. Jared thinks they are pretty cool too. I think they look like little surfer boys.

My little farmer brown

My beautiful boy

Deep in thought, plotting mischief.

Our 2 little spiders for Halloween. On the steps outside about to go trick or treating.

'Till next time xxxx

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My treasure...

Both our boys are growing up so fast. Jared is such a big boy now and still such a precious soul. He is always full of bumps and bruises because he is so full of beans and into everything. He still loves baby Joelie (as he calls him) very much and is visibly excited to see him in the morning and will often come over just to pat him on the head or sometimes give him a kiss.

Joel it seems is in a huge rush to catch up to his brother. I wouldn't be surprised if he is walking by the end of the month. He is able to stand up from a sitting position with no support without any effort and earlier today I caught him halfway up the staircase taking one stair per knee. My heart skipped several beats but he was doing well. We're going to have to work on teaching him to get down again. We have a single stair in our bedroom that he likes to climb up and down but ends up coming down head first more often than not which will not work on the main staircase!!

Evidence of his latest party trick

His eyes are still 2 different colours

This makes a really nice drum!!

Our beautiful Jared

'Till next time xxxxx

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It took all of 5 minutes for me to lose Joel...

In my lounge!!!! I was busy in the kitchen and stuck my head over the couch to see why Joel was so quiet and he was GONE!!! I stepped around (ok ran around) and luckily saw this peeking out…

Ok, I'll come out now

Mmmmm... I'm not quite sure how to do this. Help me?

Fine!! Then I'll do it myself.

You really are just going to sit there with that camera and not help me aren't you!!!

Ha!!! I did it!!! All by myself!!!!

'Till next time xxx

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Joel decided to wear his dinner

Joel decided that it wasn't enough to just eat his dinner, he had to fling it around a bit too. He had so much fun mushing it up between his fingers and rubbing it all over his face and hair. The clean up was quite a challenge. We ended up having to undress him over the kitchen sink and I ran upstairs with him and put him in an empty bath with some toys until we were organised and ready for bathtime. He was happy as a lark. Even after his bath and a good scrubbing he still smelled a bit like bolognese. It was worth it though just to see this happy little face.

If you look carefully at his bottom gum in this photo you can see his 2 little teeth peeking through.

'Till next time xxx