Sunday, March 15, 2009

Twins almost 3 years apart...

When Joel found his thumb a few weeks ago I decided to go through all Jared's baby photos to see how old he was when he found his thumb. I could not believe how alike they are in these photos. In fact, they really are such similar looking babies they would be easily confused.

Jared at just over 4 months old and Joel at just under 3 months old

I took the boys for some photos on Tuesday in celebration of Joel's 3 month birthday and Jared's upcoming 3rd birthday. While we were there I did some unplanned shots with the boys which I was very happy about in the end. I think she got some lovely pictures of us. When we go again for Joel's 6 month mark I think we'll do it as a family shoot again like we did in December. Here are the photos.

Joel took to his new cot very well. In fact, it was a good move because he went to sleeping for 12 hours straight a night after the first night in his own room. I go in when he wakes up in the morning and feed him and then he goes straight back to sleep until he wakes up himself or until I have to wake him on school days. He is growing beautifully. I will hopefully get to the clinic to have him weighed and measured on Wednesday but my arms tell me that there is no doubt that he is gaining weight well. He is still a very happy little baby and loves to chat. He loves to watch his big brother and hardly takes his eyes off him when he is in the room.
Jared is doing very well. He still loves school. He knows exactly what he wants and isn't afraid to let you know. He is a very confident little boy who talks to anybody and always has a smile ready. He loves his brother and still calls him baby Joel or Joelie. He will often just walk past him and stroke his little head and sometimes give him a kiss. We have been incredibly lucky that he has had no jealousy issues or real adjusment issues since Joel arrived. It's hard to explain but it's almost like he just understands that Joel is here to stay and is still small and so needs my attention often. He loves lying next to him on the bed and thinks it is very funny when Joel "pumps me" (that is Jared speak for bumps him) with his hand or foot.
We are thoroughly enjoying our little boys and life couldn't be any more perfect with them in our lives.
'Till next time xxxxxx