Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring in Calgary

The snow is back. These photos were taken exactly 1 week after the ones last week of Jared in his new sandpit. We had about 20cm's of snow fall over a couple of days. Apparently it is very normal for Calgary at this time of the year since it is the rainy season here but because it hasn't warmed up enough it snows instead of rains. On the whole it is short lived though so it really isn't a big deal and Jared loves playing in the snow so it isn't torture. We had friends over with their 3 kids on Sunday and we even managed a braai!! Well Hannes did anyway ;o)

We have had an exciting few weeks which I will update about as and when we go along but the most exciting so far that I'd like to share is that our family is growing. We are having another baby in December and we are both over the moon with excitement. I was always really sceptical about having a December baby, but after doing lots of healing and growing I realise now that this was written a long time ago and I can't wait to do it all in a wonderful and loving way. In fact in the last few months I have kind of just known that a December baby is on the cards, so this was honestly no surprise when it happened.

Here are the pics taken from our back deck on Sunday.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sun and sand

We bought Jared a cute sandpit and water trough on the weekend. The weather was stunning so he spent most of the weekend enjoying his new toy. Sunday was a gorgeous 25 degrees. He loves putting the sand into the water trough. We knew it would happen, but decided that at $5 a bag of sand it really didn't matter. The wind picked up a little late on Sunday afternoon so we all went over the road to the park to fly Jared's kite. The wind wasn't as great as we thought it was, but the kite did stay up for a while and Jared had fun with it.

This is the look you get when you tell him not to put the sand in the water. "whaaaaat"!?

"Help you"