Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sun and sand

We bought Jared a cute sandpit and water trough on the weekend. The weather was stunning so he spent most of the weekend enjoying his new toy. Sunday was a gorgeous 25 degrees. He loves putting the sand into the water trough. We knew it would happen, but decided that at $5 a bag of sand it really didn't matter. The wind picked up a little late on Sunday afternoon so we all went over the road to the park to fly Jared's kite. The wind wasn't as great as we thought it was, but the kite did stay up for a while and Jared had fun with it.

This is the look you get when you tell him not to put the sand in the water. "whaaaaat"!?

"Help you"


Jenty said...

Glad the weather was good! What a lovely sandpit!! I like that it's raised... less mess on clothes.

Tanja said...

He's getting so big, what a handsome little boy he is.

I love last pic where he's lying on the grass