Monday, February 16, 2009

My gorgeous little boys

Joel was already 2 months old on the 10th. It feels like he has always been with us though, he has really fitted in so nicely. Jared loves his baby brother and is still very good with him. We do have to remind him from time to time that Joel is still little. He will try and give him a train or a car to hold and I'm not sure he understands why Joel won't hold it. I wish I could bottle it to show him in a few years time when he is frustrated with Joel who won't leave his toys alone!!!

We moved Joel into his own room tonight. It is a month earlier than we did with Jared but he sleeps so much better than Jared did at this age, and also the house is so much warmer than the house we were living in when Jared was born was. I don't have to freeze walking down the passage to the nursery and I don't have to worry about Joel getting cold in the middle of the night. Our house is a constant 22 degrees so it's really nice and toasty. Not to mention the ease of the breastfeeding versus the bottle feeding and fighting with kettles and bottle warmers etc etc. Joel's early morning feed is 15 to 20 minutes start to finish!! Now it's just a question of him liking his new, bigger bed as opposed to the cozy little crib he's been in for the last 2 months. Mmmm... I'll update you all on that soon.

Here are a few photos I took of the boys just before bathtime tonight. I managed to get a few of Jared too. You'll see the proof of the cheesy grin I mentioned in my last post.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Baby Joel at 8 Weeks

Look at this little frown!! So many people comment on how cute his frown is. It is terribly cute and he has frowned like that from birth. It is a really enquiring little look he gets. Joel is doing really well. Let me just say that he is the chairman of the marketing department. He sleeps for 8 hours at a stretch at night. He is breastfeeding like a pro and is just overall an incredibly content and happy baby. We are very blessed indeed.

Jared is still doing very well and he is enjoying his little brother. He takes great pride in introducing him to people as "this is my friend, baby brother Joel". I am also "my friend mommy" and Hannes is "my friend dada". It is very precious. We have enrolled him to start playing soccer at the end of April. I have no idea how they control a bunch of 3 year olds with 1 ball so I'm thinking they must surely give them each a ball!! We'll see how they do it. We may even learn a thing or 3. He still loves school. We may have to concede and send him 5 days a week for 3 hrs after the summer break. I don't have any new photos of him to post I'm afraid. It is a challenge getting decent photos of him these days. We're at the pull a funny face when I see the camera stage. You'll just have to take my word for it, he is still beautiful and still has the happiest most contagious smile I know!!

'Till next time xxx