Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jareds new bed

We went shopping yesterday and came across this gorgeous little bed and decided to buy it for Jared. We decided that we would introduce him to it and not put him under any pressure to use it for now but that eventually he would move into it.

Last night at bedtime we put him in it and he was asleep almost immediately, never to be heard from again!! He woke at 8:30am with meows and woofs as he was showing us the pictures of the animals on his duvet cover. He had gotten out of bed himself and was happily exploring his room. He then napped there this afternoon again and is now fast asleep in it for the night.

I think that maybe we will be moving the cot out of his room in the next few days. We have left it there just in case lol!!! :o) He really is growing up so fast.

He's already worked out that it is fun to jump on the bed!!

Kissing his bear

Happy boy!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Another first...

After our playdate yesterday Jared and I went out to lunch with Ty and Alyssa (who has just turned 2). They each had a kiddies meal after which they were presented with their free ice-cream cones.

Let me just say that whomever designed their menu does not have children because they were presented with not 1 but 3 ice-cream cones each!!!!! Anyway, so Jared had his first (and second and almost third) ice-cream cone ever and to say he loved it is a huge understatement. He couldn't get enough. I had to really convince him to try it to start with, but once he'd had a taste he wouldn't let go. In fact, he managed to get one back into the little holder and wouldn't even stop eating it for long enought to get it out again.
Luckily the third one came off the cone or he really would have happily chomped that one too. He was one sticky mess from head to toe, but he had an absolute ball with it. Here are quite a few pics (I took loads and found it difficult to choose as usual :o)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Beautiful Butterflies

We went to the zoo yesterday and spent some time in the butterfly enclosure. There are some breathtaking butterflies in there. Here are a few pics.
We also saw the giraffes snacktime which they allow the public to participate in. I always knew giraffes had really long tongues, but I don't think I realised they were this long!!!
Jared really enjoyed walking around in his new squeaky shoes and is a real little entertainer. He was entertaining perfect strangers lol!! He has figured out that if he jumps the shoes squeak louder. He is adorable!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A brand new Zoo baby

Jared and I popped in at the Zoo this morning and were lucky enough to see a brand new baby Elk. She must have been less than an hour old. When we got there the mom was still cleaning her off and she was trying very hard to get up on her long wobbly legs. It really was amazing to see. Unfortunately I only had my little digital camera so the pics are from quite far away, but I had to share them with you anyway.

I also took some video (again, with my small camera so a bit far). Here is the link if you want to go and have a look

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A day at home

Today Jared and I spent a quiet day at home. We popped across the road to the field and did some running around and ball chasing!! There is quite a steep hill right around it and it was so funny to watch him climb it and then come down with a huge speed wobble!!! He thought it was very funny.

He is FINALLY drinking happily from his sippy cup. It is my new favourite thing to see him drinking from it and walking around with it under his arm. He will still only have water though, he really doesn't like juice. (I am not complaining :o) )

A World of Science

We went to the Science Museum on Sunday. It is a really great place. Loads to see, in fact in the 3 hours we were there we didn't even nearly get through everything. There is the Creative Kids Museum there too which has all sorts of activities for kiddies and there is Wowtown which also has kiddies activities including a water pit type thingie where they can build stuff in the water and just generally get wet. There is also a playground outside. Jared loved banging the big drums and it was very funny when Hannes took him down the supertube slide. I held my breath hoping that we wouldn't have to have him surgically removed from the tube ha ha!! I don't have to tell you that Hannes loved all the Science exhibits - they are all interactive, there is some amazing stuff there and after watching Jared with his dad on sunday, I think that he may just have inherited a few of his daddy's Science genes too lol!!!

Drawing on the "wall" in the Creative Kids Museum
Playing in the mist with daddy
The World's cutest Astronaut
Water Fun at Wowtown
Beating the big drum!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Get out of the sun...

Or so we have been told. A friend of ours told us that the sun and mountain air seem to be affecting us in a strange way since we went yesterday and bought ourselves some BICYCLES and the cutest little trailer for Jared!!! :o)
After getting everything together yesterday afternoon we had a thunder storm and so only managed a quick ride up the road.
This morning we got up and went for a nice long ride. We did about 4km's which really isn't bad, for me especially, considering walking up a flight of stairs often mimics what I imagine an impending heart attack feels like!!
So here are a few pics of our new toys and our little man nicely tucked up nice and safe in his trailer.