Monday, August 6, 2007

Get out of the sun...

Or so we have been told. A friend of ours told us that the sun and mountain air seem to be affecting us in a strange way since we went yesterday and bought ourselves some BICYCLES and the cutest little trailer for Jared!!! :o)
After getting everything together yesterday afternoon we had a thunder storm and so only managed a quick ride up the road.
This morning we got up and went for a nice long ride. We did about 4km's which really isn't bad, for me especially, considering walking up a flight of stairs often mimics what I imagine an impending heart attack feels like!!
So here are a few pics of our new toys and our little man nicely tucked up nice and safe in his trailer.


Jenty said...

What a stunning trailer!!
Enjoy the cycling. It's fantastic exercise.

Tanja said...

The trailer looks awesome and Jared looks so cute all tucked up inside.

Have fun cycling :)

Michelle & Claudia said...

wow, Carol that is stunning... he looks like little racer! agg so cute!

Have fun cycling :o)

Anonymous said...

mind you dont go too fast around the side of the mountian he looks so cute holding on for dear life look at the toes. The trailer is stunning enjoy