Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A World of Science

We went to the Science Museum on Sunday. It is a really great place. Loads to see, in fact in the 3 hours we were there we didn't even nearly get through everything. There is the Creative Kids Museum there too which has all sorts of activities for kiddies and there is Wowtown which also has kiddies activities including a water pit type thingie where they can build stuff in the water and just generally get wet. There is also a playground outside. Jared loved banging the big drums and it was very funny when Hannes took him down the supertube slide. I held my breath hoping that we wouldn't have to have him surgically removed from the tube ha ha!! I don't have to tell you that Hannes loved all the Science exhibits - they are all interactive, there is some amazing stuff there and after watching Jared with his dad on sunday, I think that he may just have inherited a few of his daddy's Science genes too lol!!!

Drawing on the "wall" in the Creative Kids Museum
Playing in the mist with daddy
The World's cutest Astronaut
Water Fun at Wowtown
Beating the big drum!


Michelle & Claudia said...

Carol, there are such cool places over there to visit!!

I just adore the little "Astronaut"

Jenty said...

What a cool place!

Tanja said...

Love the astronaut pic, he looks so chuffed!

Fiona said...

I have to agree, he is definately is the worlds cutest astronaut in that picture :)