Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jareds new bed

We went shopping yesterday and came across this gorgeous little bed and decided to buy it for Jared. We decided that we would introduce him to it and not put him under any pressure to use it for now but that eventually he would move into it.

Last night at bedtime we put him in it and he was asleep almost immediately, never to be heard from again!! He woke at 8:30am with meows and woofs as he was showing us the pictures of the animals on his duvet cover. He had gotten out of bed himself and was happily exploring his room. He then napped there this afternoon again and is now fast asleep in it for the night.

I think that maybe we will be moving the cot out of his room in the next few days. We have left it there just in case lol!!! :o) He really is growing up so fast.

He's already worked out that it is fun to jump on the bed!!

Kissing his bear

Happy boy!!!


Michelle & Claudia said...

That's awesome Carol... you have such happy boy!!! :o)

Tanja said...

Well done Jared!

It is a lovely bed

Fiona's photo a day said...

He looks so excited about his big boy bed Carol.
Too cute!!!

Jenty said...

He looks so happy! Glad the move to the BIG bed went so well.

Anonymous said...

what a happy little boy and just so beauitful he looks so proud of his bed and his bear what a special little man.