Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween and catch up on some overdue photos!!!

I know, I know!!! Sorry its been so long again. I hope these pictures make up for that.

As predicted, Jared chose his Halloween costume this year. He of course insisted that Joel have the same costume. He really enjoys it when his brother wears the same thing as he does, and i'm enjoying it while it lasts. Both Jared and Joel went Trick or Treating this year. It was much fun with Joel because he is walking. He had a ball walking along the sidewalk from house to house. Between them they got more candy than they will ever be able to eat. At least this year Jared understands that it is just this one day that you can randomly knock on doors to collect sweets.

These aren't the best quality pictures, but I managed to snap Jared and Joel playing together and sharing a moment over some wine gums!!

It really didn't take Joel long to figure out that the toilet paper unrolls. Here he is discovering this fun new toy.

"Ah, a job well done!!"

"Look mommy, you puuuullll it like this"

"Please don't be angry mommy."

"Oh yay, you're not angry. Now come over here and feel how soft this stuff is!

You can see the 3 blue marks on his forehead. These were pretty much a permanent fixture for a while. I think it's standard issue when one decides that 91/2 months is a good time to start walking.

Jared is so grown up now.

That's a teething necklace on Joel. Jared has the same one. I love them. Jared thinks they are pretty cool too. I think they look like little surfer boys.

My little farmer brown

My beautiful boy

Deep in thought, plotting mischief.

Our 2 little spiders for Halloween. On the steps outside about to go trick or treating.

'Till next time xxxx