Sunday, March 30, 2008

My forgotten post

In all the Easter excitement I forgot that we started swimming lessons with Jared again on Easter Monday. With Hannes being home that day he got into the pool with Jared and I got to stay dry and take pics. We go back tomorrow with our gymnastics buddies (Amy and Pippa) and so it will be moms in the pool then. That doesn't concern me... I have no idea how I am going to get dressed afterwards without streaking through the change rooms after my munchkin who cannot sit still without a very good reason. I am thinking Amy and I will have to take turns getting dressed while the other chases the toddlers ha ha!!

Floating. They lifejackets are law.

Singing the shark song

It's fun to kick!

Monday, March 24, 2008

All that effort payed off...

We obviously helped the Easter Bunny get back on track because he delivered a whole herd of eggs to our house on Sunday. Jared had an absolute ball finding them all and putting them in his little basket. He was running all over the garden saying "I see it", "I'll get it", "Got it" and lots of "Wow"!!! He is very animated and terribly cute.

We had friends over for lunch. Their baby is 5 months old. They really spoiled Jared too with a big blue bunny and lots of easter eggs.

We really had a wonderful Easter this year.

Just as he was about to send the egg down the slide which he did with much glee.

I got it!!
Big story

The loot

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

Yesterday we went to Butterfield Acres for their annual easter egg hunt. (this is the same place we did the pumpkin hunt at). It was a really fun filled day. I hope you are up to looking at photos because I had 140 photos to choose from so it really was tough to pick.

Our morning started with Farmer Mandy and Farmer Heather telling us all about the Legend of The Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny collects rocks which are starting to change colour and he takes them to his secret factory where he turns these rocks into easter eggs. This year though he has been very busy and somehow has managed to fall behind in his orders for Easter, so he requested some help from all the children who were visiting Butterfield Acres.

The instructions to the children were to each pick up a basket and to head out and find some of these magical rocks that had started changing colour. They could collect 1 rock for every year of their life. Mommy and daddy could collect 1 rock each too just for luck. After that they were to take the rocks to the Easter Bunny's secret workshop where they were to drop them down the passage. They had to remember to shout "rocks coming" before dropping the rocks in so that they didn't bop the Easter Bunny on the head. That would have been a real disaster for children around the world eagerly awaiting their Easter egg delivery.

After they had done their bit to help the Easter Bunny with his backlog they all got to go and do a bit of gardening. They planted oats (I have no idea what is going to grow, but will post pics once it does - if I don't kill it first!!). After the gardening was done we all got to go and explore the farm and visit with all the animals.

I wondered how Jared would be with the animals this time since he is 6 months older than when he was last there. I was concerned that he would be afraid of them this time around. Not a chance!!! He followed the goats around with a stone or a piece of grass that he picked up off the ground with "please goat" trying to entice it to come and have a nibble of his offering. Hannes went and got some food for him to feed them and that is when the sports really started. The goats are wild when they see the food. The bump and push and make sure that they get their little mouths on the cone. (it is an ice-cream cone filled with oats). Jared thought it was very funny. You will see the one pic with Jared tasting the goat food and the goat chewing on Jared's jacket.

The baby lambs were very sweet but not interested in the food. They are still on milk. They are very happy to just lie and be petted.

The piglets were not a hit yesterday. I think it might be because when we walked into the sty Jared made his pig noise which made the piglet grunt which gave him a scare which made him fall over and he didn't appreciate the pig nose in his face. He tried to be brave, but was much happier on my hip and out of the sty.

The bunnies didn't draw too much interest either yesterday, but I think that is because there was a tree house in the enclosure which was a lot more fun to climb up and down on.

So, that was our day. The Easter bunny hasn't been to visit our house yet. He will hopefully be around tonight. Jared did however get a new slide for Easter. I will post some pics of that soon.

The story tellers

Listening to the story

All the helpers on the hunt

Jared with his basket collecting the stones

There was 1 little patch of snow left on the ground and he insisted on walking on it. This child loves the "snowies".

Another one with mom in the bright sun. Dad was behind the camera all day.

The workshop where we went to put the rocks down the tunnel
Sending the rocks down the tunnel.

Putting his name on his pot

Filling it with soil

Planting the seeds

Watering the seeds

Perfectly timed shot as the goat bit into the food

No fear!!! Either of them!

Jared tasting the goats food and the goat tasting his jacket

If the mountain won't come to Mohammed...

Oh no you don't!! I'll have that back thanks greedy goat!!

Checking out the little lambs

Still at the goats

These goats are really funny!

On the bridge that the trolls live under in the goat enclosure

Laughing at the goat on the bridge eating the hat of the little girl in front of him!

Trying to feed the horse. He wasn't biting though

Riding the trike. His feet nearly reach now.

The tree house in the rabbit enclosure

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Gymnastic fun

I have been taking Jared to a gymnastics class for the last 10 weeks. It is a fun class and they get an opportunity to try out all the different equipment with some structure and different activities on each. He has really enjoyed it. He loves to run around and climb on all the stuff and loves doing somersaults and log rolls especially. Wednesday was our last class so Hannes took the morning off and came and took some photos for us.

The warm up to start the class

They had to put the sponge between their knees and hop like a bunny.

Here they had to pick a piece of fruit from a basket and run to the other side of the room and hide it under a cone

Trampoline fun
Doing log rolls
Ready, steady
Ok, I'm in can someone help me out now please.