Sunday, March 9, 2008

To Banff for the day or not...

Yesterday we popped out to the shops to get a few things for the house. While we were out we decided that with Banff only being an hour drive from home it might be nice to drive through there for the day and spend some time in the mountains, so off we went...

We got to Banff and when we hit the main road we looked at each other and said mmmm... it would be nice to spend the night. That was the end of that. We went off to find a place to stay, which was actually really easy all things considered. We found a room at the 3rd place we tried. We then popped off to the shops and bought toothbrushes and a costume for each of us and some food to cook for supper. We then went back to the room with our luggage in plasic bags (an experience I am not unfamiliar with, but that is a story for another day ha ha) and off we went to the pools at the hotel.

There was a very cute little kiddie pool with 2 little slides in it which is where we started off. Jared had an absolute ball climbing up the slide and then sliding down into the water. One of us had to be stationed at the bottom of the slide because he would just go straight under with absolutely no fear at all. He comes up spluttering while howling with laughter.

There were 2 HUGE supertubes there too. After some serious consideration we decided to let Jared go down the tube with Hannes thinking that if he hated it he just wouldn't take him again. (it really was a very long tube and it was quite fast too). Off they went. I sat at the bottom holding my breath waiting for the tell-tale look on Jared's face as they came out at the bottom. All I can say is that we have a little adrenalin junkie on our hands!! He was shrieking with laughter and excitement. He had barely wiped the water out of his eyes and was already instructing his father to "slide again". Hannes says he would sit him down in the basin at the top and Jared would wait for him to sit down behind him and he would then hold onto his legs and say "ready, steady, go" followed by giggles and shrieks and shouts of wheeeeeee all the way down. I lost count how many times they went down the slide. I think they must have done it at least 10 times. I never got a photo of them at the bottom of the slide because it was a bit dicey with all the kids (and adult men LOL) splashing around the camera.

Jared really loved it and this morning was telling us that we needed to go and swim again.

We took a slow drive home and we are ready for the week ahead after a really lovely weekend.

Here are some pics taken on our impulsive but wonderful night away :o)

The view from our hotel balcony
Another shot from the balcony

On the way home

Climbing to the top

Getting ready

I have no idea why his ear was so red. He never complained though.

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Jenty said...

Oh wow, what a perfect weekend! Looks like so much fun!