Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Beginnings

It seems our lives are currently full of special new beginnings. We have a new baby on the way any day now and our big baby had his first day at school yesterday.
We have visited the school quite a number of times since enrolling him so when we arrived yesterday it wasn't at all a strange place. We had told him that we would leave him with his new teacher and friends and come back to fetch him later. He seemed ok with that. When we got there he was a bit clingy and wanted me to pick him up. I hung up his jacket and put on his inside shoes and it wasn't 10 minutes and he told the teacher that he wants to go and build a tower. So off they went and got out his mat and the tower. The teacher asked if mommy and daddy could leave and he then said yes and very excitedly kissed us both goodbye. So we left and went off to have a nice long breakfast together all the while discussing what we thought Jared was up to at the time :o)
When we arrived to collect him he spotted us through the window and was very happy to see us. The teacher (who is also South African) said that he didn't ask for us once and that he fitted in very well and really enjoyed all the activities. It is a Montessori School so he was pretty much left to do what he wanted to do yesterday. She feels that he is going to adjust and adapt very easily. Picking him up yesterday was a very proud mommy moment for me. I realised that even though he is only 2 1/2 he is a self confident little boy with a lot of trust in me. We said we'd be back and he knew we would. He walked into a strange place and just fitted in. I'm very proud and very proud of our little boy.
Here he is with his lunch box. Being that it is only 3 hours he just takes a little snack of fruit or vegetables. Yesterday he took a banana. They are not allowed to take bags to school purely because there isn't enough space in the classroom without it becoming terribly crowded.

Yummy banana
I'm going to schooooool!!

We finished off the final preparations for the arrival of our new bundle of blue this weekend. We've had fun doing and it has definitely finally hit home for me that in not too long I get to do all this wonderful baby stuff again and I can't wait!! The nursery is done (even though he'll be in our room for a while like his big brother was), the bags are packed and waiting and the car seat is even in the car. We're on weekly visits with the midwives now and things are looking great. Both baby and I are happy and healthy and growing (some more than others ;o) )
Here are some pics of our little boy's brand new bedroom.

And this is his little moses basket which is on a rocking stand which we'll use for him for the first while in our bedroom.
'Till next time xxxxx

Friday, October 31, 2008

Boo!! Trick or Treat!!

It was Halloween today!! Since this is likely to be the last year that I get to choose Jared's costume for him I thought it would be nice to dress him as a vet. I figured he would also have fun playing with the stuff after Halloween.

He loved his costume and was particularly excited about the puppy that came in the pocket and his "heart" (stethoscope).

Hannes had the task of taking him trick or treating around the neighbourhood whilst I stayed home to face my own entertainment of the kiddies ringing the doorbell looking for treats. I must say I saw some really cute characters including "Taptain Hook".

Hannes says Jared had an absolute ball ringing the door bells and announcing trick or treat as the door opened. (I'm anticipating having an interesting time explaining to him that we can only ring people's doors for sweets once a year!!) He had fun telling the people he was a puppy doctor. Hannes says he was very chatty with everyone he met and i'm very proud that he remembered his please and thank you. Although Hannes says that the thank you did earn him an extra chocolate bar or two.

The weather was gorgeous out tonight. No jackets required so the streets were really teeming with children all dressed up. It also meant that they could stay out much longer collecting their stash.

Here he is, the world's most handsome Veterinarian.

"Trick or Treat"

"Oh dear puppy!! Are you hurt? Here, let me help you."

"Don't be scared, I just want to listen to your heart"

"Ah yes. It seems to be working just fine. I think you'll be ok."

Till next time xxxx

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Hunt

I cannot believe that it is a year ago already that we last did this. Here is the link in case you don't remember. Look how little Jared was teehee!!http://markussefamily.blogspot.com/2007/10/pumpkins-hayrides-goats-and-bunnies.html
It was loads of fun again. Jared loved the tractor and the hayride. He wasn't as interested in the animals this year as he was about pulling the wagon. The weather had turned on us a day before the hunt so we were all bundled up nice and warm. Our high was 7 degrees for the day. Here are the pics.
Getting the rundown on how the hunt works and getting the little ones all excited.
Practising to shout puuummmmpppkkkiiiiinnnnssss so the tractor knows to stop at the pumpkin patch
There was a little boy who rolled down the hill and I knew Jared would want to do the same. He watched, walked straight to the top of the hill and tried it. He didn't quite manage though...
He did however decide that it was as much fun to scoot down the hill on his bum. Luckily he wasn't in a designer outfit!!
He was not going to give up that easily though. He came and told us that he couldn't roll down the hill and asked his dad to please come and help him. So dad helped him roll down the hill amid much shrieking and giggling.
It was also loads of fun to run up and down the hill again and again.
Dada got roped into that too more than once.
A cuddle for mommy too.
He missed nothing this little man of ours.
Isn't he perfect!
The tractor and wagons that took us on the hayride to the pumpkin patch.
Mmmmm... I wonder what's under here?
If I just move these leaves.
I see it!! It's my pumpkin!!
I'll get it!!
Shew!! It's heavy but I'll do it "by myself"
You see mommy, I told you I could do it!
Back on the hayride, off to the farmyard to go and decorate the pumpkin.
He was not going to let that pumpking go. Not for 1 minute!!
Decorating the pumpkin with dad.
Such fun and messy stuff to touch in here!
The finished masterpiece. He is very proudly displayed on our front step for Halloween.
Pulling the wagon. This was a huge hit!!
That's it for now. Till next time xxx

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Princes Island Park

It was such a gorgeous day today that we decided to visit one of the parks that we haven't yet been to. It is situated in the centre of town. It was busy with people just sitting on the benches reading their books or cycling or rollerblading. Lots of families just enjoying the sunshine. Hannes managed to snap some beautiful photos of Jared which I thought I'd share with you.
Looking at part of the city skyline

"Let's go this way"

"Please can I go and walk in the water?"
"Hey! Look at the airplane"
And he's off again.
People just milling around enjoying the day out.
And I just love these. His daddy managed to get him to sit still for, oh about a minute. And he managed to get him to do a little bit of posing. Too cute!
My absolute favorite of the day.
Next weekend we're hoping to get out to another park and go and play in some of the autumn leaves. We never really managed to capture the trees today. We have fantastic weather lined up for the week. We had a giggle when we saw that our weather is actually warmer than the weather in Cape Town this week. Gotta love it!!!
Till next time xxx