Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pumpkins, Hayrides, goats and bunnies

Jared and I went for a pumpkin hunt at a petting farm. It was really so well done. You go for a hayride out to the pumpkin patch. The kiddies then get to hunt their pumpkins. Then, you ride back (again a hayride) to a place where they have everything set out and you get to decorate your pumpkin. Then you can go and spend time with the animals. You can go into all the pens and love the animals. They are so tame. We never got further than the goats, pigs and bunnies cos Jared wouldn't leave. He especially loved the goats. He shrieked with laughter when he saw the bunnies hopping, that was very funny. We were both filthy by the time we left to go home and we both slept very well last night.

On the hayride
The hunt is on...

My pumpkin, I see my pumpkin!!!
Now if only I can just hold onto it
I got it!!! Here I come.
Please, no pictures!
The decorating room
So many goats, so little time!!
I love you goat!
Eeya!!! (ear!!!) :o)
Hello goat! I see you eat leaves, so I brought you one.
Our beautiful, beautiful boy.


Jenty said...

That's such a cool outing!! I love the effort the place went to with the hay ride. And wow at how tame the animals are!

Tanja said...

It's such a lovely idea! Jared is too cute with his "ball"

Fiona's photo a day said...

That really looks like fun Carol and you can see Jared loves the animals, he is so sweet!!!
I see you are dressing warmer these days :)

Glou said...

Looks like you had lotsa fun Carol!