Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our little Springbok

Better late than never I suppose!!

We got into the rugby fever here on Saturday too. Jared spent the day in his little Springbok tracksuit. It is very difficult to get photos of him with my camera at the moment because he never stands or sits still long enough to take the pic, so here is a photo of his back side - it is really the best I could do :o)

The independant bug hit our home later than is the average, but it seems to be here in full force ha ha!! Jared now insists on feeding himself, brushing his own teeth, washing his hair and body and pretty much anything else that he feels like doing alone. All except holding his own bottle or cup, that is still mommy's job. (am I allowed to be secretly happy?!!)

He does quite well with the spoon, but the mess is always horrendous. I took some pics on Saturday. He was a real grouch though so I never got any dry eyed ones of him. This is what the kitchen floor looks like after a normal mealtime in our house at the moment. Thank goodness for central vaccuum and fancy mops :o) Once he has decided he has had enough to eat the bowl and spoon are systematically flung from the high chair, each met with a shocked "oh no" as they hit the floor!


Fiona's photo a day said...

What a cute springbok tracksuite Carol, did you buy it while you were still over here?

LOL at him getting all independant on you. Good luck :)

Glou said...

So cute!

Desi said...

aw! a true south african canadian!