Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Autumn Leaves

We spent the morning enjoying autumn on Sunday at one of the parks. It is really beautiful here at the moment. The trees are all shades of yellow and some reds. It really is spectacular to see. Although we are looking forward to experiencing a snowy winter for the first time we are really loving seeing autumn in its true form.

Jared had a ball as usual and made friends with all the doggies that crossed our path. The one in the pic was especially sweet. He has grown up with 2 children who are now teenagers and so he was very happy to love Jared a bit and Jared was happy to reciprocate. He really does love animals.


Jenty said...

Beautiful! I love autumn leaves, bet you next year you'll be calling it fall! LOL! You're going to have to get a dog now ;)

Tanja said...

That looks like fun for Jared!

Autumn over there must be spectacular!!!

Glou said...

Lovely pics!

Desi said...

looks like fun!