Sunday, September 28, 2008

Princes Island Park

It was such a gorgeous day today that we decided to visit one of the parks that we haven't yet been to. It is situated in the centre of town. It was busy with people just sitting on the benches reading their books or cycling or rollerblading. Lots of families just enjoying the sunshine. Hannes managed to snap some beautiful photos of Jared which I thought I'd share with you.
Looking at part of the city skyline

"Let's go this way"

"Please can I go and walk in the water?"
"Hey! Look at the airplane"
And he's off again.
People just milling around enjoying the day out.
And I just love these. His daddy managed to get him to sit still for, oh about a minute. And he managed to get him to do a little bit of posing. Too cute!
My absolute favorite of the day.
Next weekend we're hoping to get out to another park and go and play in some of the autumn leaves. We never really managed to capture the trees today. We have fantastic weather lined up for the week. We had a giggle when we saw that our weather is actually warmer than the weather in Cape Town this week. Gotta love it!!!
Till next time xxx

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A quick blog

Jared came to his father this afternoon and asked him to take off his shoes. "Please dada I want to walk with my feet". I should have known something was up. His little splash pool was standing on the deck and had quite a bit of water in it from the rain we've had and before we knew it he was in it clothes and all. He had such fun and that water was cold. Here are a few pics we managed to snap when we finally thought about the camera.

You can see the roastie he has on his nose. He got that on Friday when he was jumping on the couch (that he knows he isn't allowed to do) when I wasn't looking and he fell off. The roastie is carpet burn (I promise I'm not laughing!!!) Other than his nose and a bit of a bruised ego he is fine. So fine that we have had to remind him several times since then what happens when you jump on the couch!!

It wasn't long after this and he was sitting in the water on his bum after the jumping and splashing got too boring.

Teasing his father trying to take his photo saying "smile"

Deep concentration at the sandpit

Next to got boring so he decided to try inside!!

Till the next time xxx

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Road To The Sun

I know my updates are getting less and less but I realised how tough it is for me to find stuff that I think you will find exciting now since we are so settled over here with the way our new lives are. I don't want to bore you with everyday things so always wait until we do something new. Anyway, here is something new :o)
On Saturday morning we woke up and decided to hop across the border and take a chance on finding a room for the night and to drive to the Glacier National Park. There is a road there called The Road To The Sun that we had heard is really spectacular.
We are only 2 hours from Kalispell Montana here in Fernie and the Park is only about 20 minutes from there so we decided to try and stay in Kalispell so that we could do some shopping and then get a start from there on Sunday morning to the Park. We battled to find accommodation since it is a really popular destination but eventually found a stunning room at the Holiday Inn Express. It was really a fantastic find. It was very reasonably priced, had 2 queen size beds in the room and it included a yummy continental breakfast. We honestly couldn't have done better if we had actually planned the trip months in advance. Jared of course loved the idea of having us in the bed in the room with him. It was a challenge getting him to stop talking and go to sleep but he was really well natured about it so we had to stiffle giggles more than anything. He did of course get up really early on Sunday morning when he saw us lying in the bed next to him. That suited us though because it forced us to get an early start.
The drive through the park was indescribably beautiful. As usual the pictures don't even do it justice. I have included some photos anyway, but believe me, it is like nothing you have seen. You climb so high on these gorgeous mountain roads. When you look up you can see the cars travelling higher up ahead of you and you can't believe that that is where you are going to be going.
We never realised just how much there is to see in the park, so we have decided that we will have to go back again but do a 2 night stay next time and hopefully we'll get to see more of the park then.
We left the mommy mobile at home and took Hannes's Tonka Toy out.

My happy little boy
Waving wildly at dada

This is what we were looking at
Too beautiful to describe
"The Weeping Wall". Water coninuously runs out of this wall.
We were very high up here already.
I suppose the little patches of snow still lying around here and there even though summer is almost over are a good indicator of just how high up we really were.
'Till next time xxx