Saturday, September 27, 2008

A quick blog

Jared came to his father this afternoon and asked him to take off his shoes. "Please dada I want to walk with my feet". I should have known something was up. His little splash pool was standing on the deck and had quite a bit of water in it from the rain we've had and before we knew it he was in it clothes and all. He had such fun and that water was cold. Here are a few pics we managed to snap when we finally thought about the camera.

You can see the roastie he has on his nose. He got that on Friday when he was jumping on the couch (that he knows he isn't allowed to do) when I wasn't looking and he fell off. The roastie is carpet burn (I promise I'm not laughing!!!) Other than his nose and a bit of a bruised ego he is fine. So fine that we have had to remind him several times since then what happens when you jump on the couch!!

It wasn't long after this and he was sitting in the water on his bum after the jumping and splashing got too boring.

Teasing his father trying to take his photo saying "smile"

Deep concentration at the sandpit

Next to got boring so he decided to try inside!!

Till the next time xxx

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