Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Hunt

I cannot believe that it is a year ago already that we last did this. Here is the link in case you don't remember. Look how little Jared was teehee!!
It was loads of fun again. Jared loved the tractor and the hayride. He wasn't as interested in the animals this year as he was about pulling the wagon. The weather had turned on us a day before the hunt so we were all bundled up nice and warm. Our high was 7 degrees for the day. Here are the pics.
Getting the rundown on how the hunt works and getting the little ones all excited.
Practising to shout puuummmmpppkkkiiiiinnnnssss so the tractor knows to stop at the pumpkin patch
There was a little boy who rolled down the hill and I knew Jared would want to do the same. He watched, walked straight to the top of the hill and tried it. He didn't quite manage though...
He did however decide that it was as much fun to scoot down the hill on his bum. Luckily he wasn't in a designer outfit!!
He was not going to give up that easily though. He came and told us that he couldn't roll down the hill and asked his dad to please come and help him. So dad helped him roll down the hill amid much shrieking and giggling.
It was also loads of fun to run up and down the hill again and again.
Dada got roped into that too more than once.
A cuddle for mommy too.
He missed nothing this little man of ours.
Isn't he perfect!
The tractor and wagons that took us on the hayride to the pumpkin patch.
Mmmmm... I wonder what's under here?
If I just move these leaves.
I see it!! It's my pumpkin!!
I'll get it!!
Shew!! It's heavy but I'll do it "by myself"
You see mommy, I told you I could do it!
Back on the hayride, off to the farmyard to go and decorate the pumpkin.
He was not going to let that pumpking go. Not for 1 minute!!
Decorating the pumpkin with dad.
Such fun and messy stuff to touch in here!
The finished masterpiece. He is very proudly displayed on our front step for Halloween.
Pulling the wagon. This was a huge hit!!
That's it for now. Till next time xxx

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The Mupersans said...

FABULOUS!!!! That looks like SO much fun!