Friday, December 7, 2007

Run, run as fast as you can.

You can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man!!!
Jared and I met some friends at one of the malls today. We had a lovely time looking at all the beautiful displays. Each mall has their own Father Christmas and you can have photos taken with Santa. We will go back on the weekend and have some done because we would like to have some done as a family too. BUT, Mrs Clause was very busy with the children in her cookie kitchen today so we stopped in for a visit. It was adorable. They had little tables and chairs out with little gingerbread aprons. Each child was given a colouring in book, a gingerbread man and a cup of icing and some sprinkles. They then got to decorate their gingerbread man and they got a little bag to take him home in afterwards.
Jared had lots of fun. He thought it was great. He quite fancied eating the sprinkles straight out of the cup rather than putting them on his cookie. Also, once he decided he was finished decorating he started to eat his gingerbread man. The little girls who were sharing the table with him were still diligently decorating and he was already munching. He is a real little boy. Oh, and just a side note, this was all free of charge!

Mrs Clause in her kitchen

This looks like fun...

Oh, this IS fun!

Heavy concentration. The sprinkles were in this cup

The finished product.

And just for good measure because I know I haven't been here for a while some snow pics. We were playing on the snow board over the road again last night. It is loads and loads of fun. Jared loves it as do both Hannes and I. You go to the top of the hill, put Jared on the board, get on it yourself and yeehaaaaa, off you go, down the hill.

We were trying to throw snowballs again yesterday, but the snow is still so powdery it isn't even wet. I am sure our chance with that will come though.

The weather was also not so cold, unless you were whoosing down the hill then it really wasn't bad. I didn't even have my gloves on while I was taking the pics.
On the way back to the top of the hill. If you aren't fast enough he goes back up on his own.
With daddy after a ride down together.
With mommy at the bottom of the hill


Jenty said...

Wow, I love the baking thing!! What a fun thing for the kids to do!

Tanja said...

What a great idea with the gingerbread men.

The snow looks like so much fun!