Friday, January 23, 2009

Our family of 4 and other bits and bobs

We had our first family of 4 photoshoot done on the 29th December. It was fun. Jared was on form and we got some lovely photos. She managed to capture Jared's personality really well I think. Here is a selection of a few of my favorites.

We've had a week or so of really nice weather so the other day I decided to go for a walk with Jared and Joel. I thought that it would be a good idea to take Jared for a haircut while we were out. Let me just say that haircuts are not a pleasant task. For some reason he is petrified and so he cries and shakes throughout the whole thing. I have to have him sitting on my lap, it's actually awful and I don't know why he is so afraid. I'm sure like all these little things though he will outgrow it. Anyway, I bribed him with ice-cream this time thinking that might make a difference but it never did, he still cried. After the lady was done she offered him a mohawk and a choice of colour for his mohawk. He chose purple and thought it was very cool. In his words, "my mocork is very very smart". Thankfully it was a temporary style that washed out that night in the bath. Maybe next time the mocork will be motivation enough not to have him scared *crossing fingers*.

A little update on our newest family member. Joel is doing really well. We had his 6 week check-up yesterday and he now weighs 4.9kgs. The biggest shock was his length. He is now 60cms long. He has grown 7cms in 6 weeks!!! I wondered why he is almost too long for the 0-3 month babygros and now I know. He is an angel baby though. He sleeps really well. He goes for 6-8 hrs at night, in fact last night he slept for 8 1/2 hours. This is even more astounding since he is an exclusively breastfed baby. (that feels so good to say!!!) He is a really happy baby and loves to smile already and is very generous with his smiles. It is so interesting to see how different and also how similar he and Jared are at the same stage. Joel like Jared won't take a dummy anymore. He took one for a few weeks and has now decided he no longer likes them. He has started to rediscover his fingers though so I recon he'll have his thumb in his mouth before long. He loves to be held. His favorite place to sleep is on my chest. Jared wasn't that much of a cuddly baby. He seems to be a real mommy's boy and often won't settle until I take him. Jared would go to pretty much anyone.
Jared is loving his baby brother. He calls him baby Joel or baby brother. He really is very sweet with him. I often find him just chatting to Joel and he gets very excited if Joel smiles at him. We have had no jealousy issues so far and no issues of him being too rough. He really seems to have gotten the whole baby thing very easily. He doesn't seem to mind if people hold him in the house but I have had him politely ask 2 people to please give his baby brother back to his mommy when we were out!! Thankfully he did it in his usual polite way though.
Hannes, Jared and now Joel all bath together at night. Jared likes to help to wash Joel. We've had to tell him a few times that Joel doesn't like to have water put on his head but other than that there have been no issues. Thankfully Joel seems to take after his brother and he loves the water. He really enjoys his bath and I started massaging him a few weeks ago and he loves that too.

Here are a couple of photos of Joel taken on Wednesday on his 6 week birthday. I need to work a bit harder on getting a shot of his smile.

'Till next time xxx


The Mupersans said...

Thanks for the update Carol. What beautiful photos. It's wonderful to see you guys so happy!
Love Mands

JaneW said...

Lovely update you sound so settled and happy and it sounds like Joel has fitted into your family beautifully. He is gorgeous! Well done!

Dominique said...

Stunning photos Carol!
You bake them beautiful :)