Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Joel decided to wear his dinner

Joel decided that it wasn't enough to just eat his dinner, he had to fling it around a bit too. He had so much fun mushing it up between his fingers and rubbing it all over his face and hair. The clean up was quite a challenge. We ended up having to undress him over the kitchen sink and I ran upstairs with him and put him in an empty bath with some toys until we were organised and ready for bathtime. He was happy as a lark. Even after his bath and a good scrubbing he still smelled a bit like bolognese. It was worth it though just to see this happy little face.

If you look carefully at his bottom gum in this photo you can see his 2 little teeth peeking through.

'Till next time xxx

1 comment:

Tanja said...

I could just eat him right up, covered in food and all!