Friday, November 2, 2007

My little frog prince

So as you know we celebrated our first Halloween on Wednesday, and boy did we all have fun!!
We were invited to a late afternoon party which was great for the smaller kiddies because they don't get the trick or treating thing just yet.
We did a few neighbours when we got home though, but Jared was more interested in running up and down the pavement than he was in ringing doorbells and asking for sweets. It is only funny the first time when you get to the door and as it is answered you realise that the real trick or treater isn't there anymore but rather running down the road!!! You have to wonder if the people think you are really that desperate for sweets :o)
The party was really nice, we had a whole menagerie there. We had a few skunks, a bear, a few ducks and of course a frog. Unfortunately I never managed to get a photo of all the little animals in a row because they honestly don't sit still for long enough. You will see in the photo that I did manage that this may not be the little ducks favourite holiday so far :o)
By the end of the evening Jared was honestly exhausted. He managed to charm his way into us giving him one of his little chocolate bars that he had trick or treated. He was not a happy froggie when it was finished though.
Here are the pics :o)

We are not very happy ducks and the frog just wants to make a run for it!!
The tantrum!! I want more!!
It was luckily very short lived and our happy boy was back.


Jenty said...

He looks sooo cute!! Love the little chicken too. LOL!

Desi said...

aw man! how cute is that froggie???

Glou said...

What a cute little froggie!!!

Dominique said...

Thats the cutest froggie I've ever seen!