Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Winter Wonderland

We had what we consider to be our first real snow today. It started at around 5am and has been snowing on and off since then. It was really well timed because our clocks were turned back at 2am, so we are now 9 hours behind SA.
We decided to drive out to Bragg Creek this morning. The snow was really coming down there. We drove a little bit out of town and pulled off on the side of the road to have a bit of a run around in the snow, and boy did we have fun!!! Just after we had pulled over a gentleman in a bakkie stopped and asked us if we needed help. He thought we were in trouble and needed a hand. Imagine, "we are fine thank you, we have just stopped here so we can beat each other with snowballs"!!!

We had so much fun in the snow. Hannes and I chased each other throwing snow balls at each other and Jared. He thought it was an absolute scream and did his best to retaliate. I was amazed at the snow though. I always imagined it to be wet. This was so dry that you could barely get it into a ball. Our jackets and gloves were dry after we had finished. That really wasn't what I had expected at all.
So, we have officially had our first play in the snow, although, I have been told that today's snowfall is nothing compared to what is still to come.
Our next fun purchase is going to be a toboggan. I wish you could have seen the kiddies in the park over the road riding up and down the hillside this morning. And the dad's pulling the little ones on the pavement on a sled. We wondered how long these children have spent waiting for the snow to arrive, since it is late this year.

While we were getting ourselves organised to leave, Jared sat on a chair at the window and watched the world go by and the snow fall.

Putting in fuel in Bragg Creek. You can take the monkey out of the bush... :o) My crazy South African love in nothing but a T-Shirt!!!

Making a run for it!! That big stretch of white to the left is the highway.

"Let me go mommy!!!" He doesn't stand still for a minute.

Me and my daddy.

We now know for sure that every cent we spent on his snow suit was worth it. He loved the snow. Or in Jared speak the "nowe"

When we got home Jared and daddy shared a story on our very comfy new lounge suite before they both went and had a well deserved sleep.


Jenty said...

WOW!! That looks damn cold! Jared is such a cutie though.
I can't see the photos on Bn from work, TG for Blogger :)

Fiona's photo a day said...

It looks like your day in the snow was incredibley fun :)
I wish I could come visit and join in your snow antics!!! Awesome photo's

Desi said...

i LOVE these! a true winter wonderland!

Glou said...

Oooohhhh! A real winter wonderland!!

Louise said...
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