Saturday, April 11, 2009

A day at the zoo

Spring has finally arrived. This has been the worst winter in terms of amount of snow and duration in the last 30 something years apparently. We all survived it though and nobody threatened to leave on a jet plane. In fact, if this is as tough as it gets, we have nothing to worry about.

We spent yesterday at the zoo enjoying the sunshine. Jared had a ball running around and jumping in all the puddles with his shark boots. Joel had fun too being pushed around and watching the world go by. It was a really lovely day out. Here are a few photos of our beautiful boys taken at the zoo.

This smile lights up the room. Joel was 4 months old yesterday.

Like his brother, Joel has beautiful blue eyes

We treated Jared to an Oreo cookie ice-cream. Let's just say he enjoyed every morsel

Our cool cat with his sunglasses

Check out the shark boots. The day we bought those we tried them on in store for size and he refused to take them off. The sales lady had to cut the tags off them while they were still on his feet and then he would pretty much only take them off for bedtime for a few weeks.

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