Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jared's first soccer game

Jared has his first soccer lesson yesterday. It was absolutely priceless. I thought my heart would explode with how adorable these little ones were and how much fun they had. It was a little like herding cats to start with but as the hour went on they did better and better. The coach said that they had done very well for an under 4 team. He says it is usually a lot more chaotic.

They all got their team shirt and shorts and socks. We had to supply the boots and shin guards. Their colour is orange and they all decided that they will be known as the Tigers!! They also each got to choose the number that they wanted to be. Jared chose 6. The shirts were of course 3 sizes too big on all of them. But nodoby even seemed to notice.

The lesson started with 30 mins of warm up and excerises with the ball. Jared would not part with "his" ball for anything. He made sure if it wasn't in his hands that it was very close by at all times. They did some running between cones with the ball and some stretching once they were warmed up. All very professional for a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds. In the beginning I thought we were going to have to can the soccer idea and rather enroll Jared in Basketball because he wouldn't leave the ball on the ground. He insisted on picking it up and no amount of "no hands" was going to convince him that was a good idea. He caught on after a while though and seemed to get it.

After the warm up they all got a snack and a juice. And then the big moment of their first game against another team. They played against the grey team - The Dinasours. Now that was a sight!!! There were tears from one little guy because the children wouldn't play with him, they were all running away. He never realised they were chasing the ball and not running away from him. Jared cried because he couldn't get the ball. One of the others was crying because he just wanted a turn. Hannes went onto the field with Jared and explained to him that the game was to chase the ball and try and get it away from the other children. He shrieked with laughter declaring that was a fun game and was off and running. From that moment he was all over that ball like a rash.

I tried very hard to limit the photos but it was very difficult so here is my best selection from over 100 pictures.

Warming up between the cones. Notice Jared with his ball in his hands.

Getting the hang of the no hands rule finally.

Doing stretches for their warm up. Too cute to even try to describe.

Still stretching

Playing Red light, Green light. When the coach shouts "green light" they have to run kicking the ball. When he shouts "red light" they have to come to a stop and put their foot on top of their ball.

And it's a green light!!!

Soccer mom in training.

Snack time.

Soccer dad and the team mascott in training.

Jared fast on his way to get the ball from the coach.

GOT IT!!!!

A plane flying overhead with a beautiful vapor trail. Jared loves seeing this and is convinced that it is a shooting star. He spotted this one and the result is in the photo below...

He had the whole team stop what they were doing and all were trying to see the shooting star that he was all excitedly pointing out to them.

Team huddle before the start of THE BIG GAME!!!

Jared and this little guy were both after the ball. Jared was trailing behind...

He caught up and got the ball...

And this was the end result of that little run. No tears, these boys are tough.

I love how big these shirts all are. It's just a reminder of how small these little guys actually still are.

Running full tilt with the ball in his hands while the coach was shouting "no hands, no hands".

This was an awwwww moment. This is the coaches wife with her little boys. He little guy ran and went and sat down on her legs, Jared saw this and decided that would be a fun thing for him to do too. She totally just took it in her stride with a big smile as though it happens often.

Our beautiful little man.

'Till next time xxxx

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