Sunday, July 8, 2007

Fruit & Veggies!!

I took my camera into the Co-Op this afternoon when we went to get some fruit and I snuck a few shots of the goods on offer lol!!! (Hannes nearly died of embarassment!!!) How awesome do these look!!?? I could not believe the quality of the stuff when we arrived here, I thought I was in the plastic fruit section :o)

We experienced our first Canadian BBQ today. We were invited to the home of a guy working with Hannes this afternoon. It was really nice. They did hamburgers and hotdogs on the braai. Quite different from what we consider a braai, but great nonetheless. Jared had a ball since there were 3 teenage girls there all fawning over him. He was in his element and we certainly know where to look should we ever need a babysitter!!!

We went for a long walk around our neighbourhood after our walk up to the Co-Op and we discovered a lovely playground about 300m's from our door which we will definitely visit sometime soon.

Till tomorrow xxx


Tanja said...

Stunning, I feel hungry just looking at all that gorgeous food!

Natasha said...

That playground is amazing!
and that fruit is wow!

Glou said...

Amazing playground. I love the fruit & veggies!

Markusse Family said...

The playgrounds are really great and they are all over the neighbourhoods here!! There are basketball rings on just about every corner too.

suew said...

WOW looks amazing!