Thursday, July 26, 2007

Playground Fun!

Yesterday Jared and I popped down the road to the playground close to our house. We spent some time enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Jared was more interested in playing with the little stones on the ground than he was on playing on the equipment :o) He had fun though.

A general update on Jared:
He is really and truly growing so quickly. He speaks the hind leg of a donkey. He babbles from the minute his eyes open in the morning. He says quite a few words. Bear, bottle, bubble, no-no-no, bye-bye, hello, dada, mama, baba, more, ta, doodoo, car, book, he makes a car noise while pushing his cars on the floor and my personal favourite... I am now mommy. It is too cute to hear.
He has a will of his own and lets you know exactly what he wants and when he wants it. When we get in the car he points to the nappy bag and tells me bear, in other words "hand it over, I know it's in there"!!!!
I have been showing him for the past few mornings that his pj's go into the washing basket once he is dressed. This morning he took them, pointed to the basket and put them in himself!! I could have eaten him right there. When you say clever Jared he claps his hands.
He is also quite the little tease and I fear he may have inherited his uncle's genes there. His favourite is to take something he knows he shouldn't put in his mouth and threaten to do it while smiling and waiting for you to say no.
He still sleeps well and thankfully the long daylight hours haven't affected him. He is still in bed asleep anytime between 6pm and 7pm and then sleeps till after 7am most mornings!
He is a real cutie and both Hannes and I are still enjoying every minute with him.


Tanja said...

I just love his little hat. Sounds like he is doing really well and learning loads of words

Jenty said...

He sounds so cute!! The word "mommy" is enough to make you melt :)