Sunday, July 15, 2007

A whole week gone...

I can't believe it is a week ago since I last checked into my blog. I was given a stern talking to about that this weekend, so I promise to try and get here more often even if the news isn't terribly exciting!!!

We have had a relatively quiet weekend comparatively speaking. We were invited to a 2nd birthday party BBQ yesterday which was really nice. Everybody there was Canadian and they were really complaining about the weather. It was 32 degrees but felt like 41 with the discomfort index and they we really unhappy. We of course felt right at home. Come winter though and I am sure the rolls will be reversed :o)

Hannes was watering the lawn today and just after Jared's supper he and Jared went out to move the sprinkler. It wasn't long and I was summoned outside upon which I found my little monkey sopping wet running in and out of the sprinkler giving his customary shriek all the while!! (It was already 6pm!!!) Hannes swears that he did it all by himself lol!!! I am sure though that that is true since he really does love water. I managed to get a few photos, so that is my offering for the day.

Till next time xxx


Tanya said...

What gorgeous pics Carol! You seem so happy over there - looking forward to reading your blog every day!

Anonymous said...

Oh look how much fun he is having in the water mommy :)
Now at least you know what to do on those hot summer days over there!!!

Michelle & Claudia said...

Oh My --- he is so cute!! I could just eat him up!!!

Tanja said...

Awww, he's loving that!!!