Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Before I get to the news of the day, the bright sunshine photos I have posted were taken this evening at 8pm. (This is the road in front of our house and on the side – we are a corner house) In fact, this is what it looks like every night here until after 10:30pm. That has taken quite some getting used to. Surprisingly Jared seems to not have noticed thank goodness!!!

We had a playdate at Ty and Alyssa today. Alyssa is 2 next month and she and Jared had a ball. He has been such a boy today though standing on tables and standing in my cupboards. I can just see I am going to have my hands full with this little monkey all over and into everything. He has discovered that the central heating grids can lift up, so I am having to be super vigilant since I think they are rather nice holes to drop things into and Heaven only knows where the stuff ends up if he does that lol!!!

Hannes has to go away tomorrow night as he has an early morning meeting on Thursday in Sparwood so we have decided that Jared and I will go with. Apparently it is a really beautiful part of the world and there is lots for Jared and I to go and see, so I promise to take lots of pics. It is right in the Rockies so I am sure there will be loads to photograph!

I'm off to bed now with my book. I don't even need to put on a bedside lamp to read :o) xxx


Glou said...

Oooh! Nice & sunny at night! LOL

Jenty said...

Enjoy your trip.
BTW, I'm really enjoying your blog.

Natasha said...

How clean are those streets?

Tanja said...

You know, I don't think I have seen one piece of litter in any of your photos...it seems like a dream place to live