Monday, June 25, 2007

The City of Calgary

I have loads of photos today. It has been very difficult to pick a few!! We spent some time this afternoon walking downtown. It was a really lovely afternoon out. Town is clean and beautiful. There are flower baskets hanging everywhere you look and there is no litter. (It is even illegal to spit on the ground here!!! Blegh!!) And it feels safe. There are little parks everywhere which are also beautifully kept. We were hoping to have sushi for late lunch early supper but the restaurant was closed. We arrived in town a bit later than we’d planned. So when we got home we stopped at the Co-op and got take-away sushi instead!! The municipal offices in town are huge and what gorgeous building!! Downtown here really is an outing. We will definitely be doing it again (a bit earlier next time :o) Here are a few pics including one of our take-out!!

Update on Jared: He is really growing by the second and just getting cuter too!! He is walking everywhere and walking is definitely his choice of getting from A to B. He really understands so much now and it is getting easier and easier for him to show us what he wants. He points at stuff and tries to pull his own shirt over his head. When you undress him and tell him armies up he lifts his little arms so you can get his shirt off. He helps get dressed by putting his arms into the sleeves or by lifting his feet to go in his pants. He puts his little bum in the air when you change his nappy so that you can put cream on. The only thing that is not so much fun at the moment is that he thinks it is helpful to help you rub the bum cream in!!! The cream generally ends up everywhere!!! He is eating like a champion and there is nothing he doesn’t eat. He loves feeding himself and is getting quite good at directing the spoon into his mouth (and sometimes mine!!) He loves bouncing on the bed and being thrown in the air on the duvet!!(I know, we’ll not be loving that in a few years I am sure!!) He copies (or at least tries to) everything that you do. If you pull a funny face he tries to copy it. He really is such a joy and still such a happy little baby. Oh, and he doesn’t stop talking!! He babbles from morning till night. He has loads to say :o) Till tomorrow xxx


Jenty said...

That update on Jared made me smile. He's such a cutie!

Tanja said...

It looks so lovely over there - all the flowers everywhere are beautiful!

Carrie said...

Oh, my friend you sound so happy, it warms my heart to read your stories. I'll drop you another e-mail soon, lotsa love Carrie

Michelle & Claudia said...

Oh wow, Carol it's stunning there!!

You guys looks so happy!!!