Friday, June 29, 2007

A glympse of the Rockies!

We are home from our trip and all I can say is this is one beautiful country!!!! The trip out to Sparwood was 3 hours from Calgary and what a gorgeous drive. Jared was fine. We left home just after 6pm (with it getting dark here so late rushing wasn’t necessary:o) after bath and dinner for him and he fell asleep shortly after we left. He slept for around 2 hours and then woke up wanting to play. I think the fact that is was broad daylight was very confusing for him lol!!! So he played and chatted all the way to Sparwood. When we got there he was a bit hyper and I thought he’d never go down, but luckily he did, quite easily.

On Thursday morning Hannes had a meeting starting at 7am so Jared and I took our time and got dressed and had breakfast at the hotel and then went for a drive. We drove to a little town called Fernie which is about 35km’s from Sparwood. It was a really nice drive and incredibly scenic!!! The mountains really are breathtaking. It was amazing to me how thick the snow must be on top of those mountains because it was very hot and hasn’t snowed there in a while. I battled to get some nice pics unfortunately. There really is so much to see there. There is a mining town called Frank Slide which is buried in rocks after the mountain side collapsed. The history there should be fascinating!! There are also loads of old buildings along the way which will make really nice backdrops for some photos. We have decided to go back again for a weekend sometime when Hannes has a Friday off again.

Jared and I had a playdate at home this morning (Friday) which was really nice. The little girl who visited is a month older than Jared and they were really cute together. They chased each other around the lounge each taking turns to “run” away giggling all the while. It was precious.

I have posted a couple of pics of the view. The truck in the photo is the largest truck in the world. You can see how big those wheels are by looking at where we stand in relation to the top. It really is HUGE!!! The photo of Jared is of him using the TV remote as a telephone in the hotel room. His latest is to answer anything that looks remotely like a telephone with a very distinct Hayo!! He really loves the idea of the phone at the moment. That's all for now. Till tomorrow xxx


Natasha said...

yowsers - that place is stunning Carol

Markusse Family said...

The photos don't do it any justice!!! It really is amazingly beautiful!!! You need to come and visit and bring your camera Tash!! I thought of you when we drove past all the ruins :o)

Tanja said...

The mountains & river are gorgeous, I wish I could visit!

Jenty said...

Wow, that's beautiful!