Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Day 2 which is really day 3 and day 3 which is today lol!!

So clearly I need to set myself a reminder to do this everyday until it becomes a habit. So I will post yesterday's pic (which I did take yesterday btw!!) today and then today's pic today too and we will all be square :o) Yesterday's pic is the same view as the day before just on a nice sunny day.

Today Jared and I went to lunch with a bunch of South African ladies. There were 7 and all have been here for various times, 11 years, 5 years, 9 years, 5 months etc. It was really nice to meet them and they are all really nice. They all spoke very positively about life in Canada which was great to hear especially from people who have been here for some time. Jared had a fine time in the sandpit. I took off his clothes and we put him in there with a bucket of water and he played for ages. When we left to come home he was asleep almost instantly. The house we went to was way out though, in an area that I have never been to before and I got very lost coming home lol!!! I drove and drove and drove some more and thought i'd never get back. Eventually I had Hannes on the phone trying to tell me where to go, but eventually we made it home and all was well. Hannes said the positive is that I have seen a part that I hadn't seen before which was all good and well except I'll never find it again I am sure!! So we had a great day today and will (weather permitting) be braaing with one of the couples I met today over the weekend. So, here is my pic for today. It is of Jared playing in the sandpit. He really did have a ball.


Michelle & Claudia said...

Wow, the pictures are amazing from a bad day to a good day!!

Jared is getting so big!!!

You need a GP's... so you don't get lost... (HUG)

Jenty said...

Looks lovely and warm! Glad you ventured out ;-) Nothing wrong with getting lost, there's no better way to get to know the place.

Carrie said...

Hi bud,
I thought it would be freezing, the other photos that you sent me everything was covered in snow. Jared looks completely in his element.
Lotsa love