Sunday, June 24, 2007

A good old fashioned braai!!

Today we had a braai at a South African couple with a bunch of other South Africans and a few Canadians. It was really great. Hannes and I found some mieliemeal so you can imagine everyone’s excitement at being presented with a bowl of pap!! The South Africans thought they’d died and gone to Heaven and the Canadians thought it tasted like mashed potatoes bwahahaha!! Jared was great and loved all the people and completely entertained us all. He was in bed and asleep at his normal time but only slept for an hour and half and then decided to rather come down and play. It is so hard to keep track of time here since it gets dark so late and as a result we ate very late. (it is still broad daylight here at 10pm) Anyway, as soon as we had eaten we excused ourselves to come home. Charmaine packed our dessert in a take-away which was really sweet. We were home just after 10pm and Jared thankfully went straight to sleep. Here are a few pics of the day. Enjoy and till tomorrow xxx

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Jenty said...

I love the chair!