Monday, June 25, 2007

The start of a new week!!

We had an uneventful day today. Jared and I played at home mostly and then popped out to one of the indoor play areas here. I have found the first thing here that isn’t bigger and better than in South Africa!!! Boy is there a business opportunity there!!! Jimmy Jungles in SA makes this place look really amateur. Firstly it is really small in comparison and secondly all the kiddies play in the same area. One of the things that I really liked about Jimmy’s was that you had the 0-3yrs in a separate area from the bigger kids so there was less likely to be pushing and hurting etc. Ah, also there is no supervision at all here!! Nothing! Not even a floor manager! The closest supervision is the person who is manning the coffee bar out front. That said though, I am not sure that would be a huge draw card here since people here are very used to supervising their own children 24/7 with little or no help lol!!! Anyway, I doubt I will be venturing into the arena of indoor play areas as a business, but if any of you are looking to start a business in Canada, I recon this is a good one to look at :o) My pic for the day is of Jared passed out in the back of the car after a long day of fun. He had a ball and couldn’t keep his eyes open for the trip home!!

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Tanja said...

Awww man, he looks so tired. I just want to cuddle him!