Thursday, June 21, 2007

We had a quiet day yesterday. Hannes was still away and comes home tonight YIPPEEE!!! Jared and I wondered around a shopping centre just down the road from home and we went and registered for Kindermusic which starts up again in September. I am very excited and after meeting the teacher yesterday even more so, she is lovely!!!

Here is my pic for the day (ok 2 pics for the day!!) of Jared on the Jungle Gym outside in our garden. The pic of him at the top of the slide looks a bit like he is saying "no ways am I going down there!!" LOL!! He actually loves the slide!!


Jenty said...

Looks like you're having such great weather! How lucky to have such a nice jungle gym in the garden.

Brig said...

Gee this an awesome way of keeping in touch. Jared is an absolute sweetie pie - what can I say.
It's great that u have met with fellow South Africans already.
We'll keep on blogging !!